One of the easiest and fastest ways for an attacker to get into your network is through the use of a phishing email to a user. One click by that user, and your costly investment in firewalls, access controls, and even some security tools may have been bypassed. It is said that humans are the weakest link in your security environment. The only prevention is continuous training.

There are many types of phishing attacks out there and we at BelowDay are masters at crafting simulated malicious email. With this service we will work with you to completely customize our phishing templates to fit your organization’s profile.

The results of our phishing tests will be to inform you about who clicked on our phishing emails, when, and using what device. We recommend that all users who clicked on the phishing emails go through your security awareness training on how to recognize a Phish and how to avoid clicking on malicious links and attachments. If you do not have user awareness training, BelowDay can help you create a program or we can provide the trainings for you as a service. We also offer our phishing tests on a subscription basis to ensure your user trainings are effective.