BelowDay is a company started out of need and frustration by industry leading professionals. We were sick of seeing security implemented in a fashion that was either:

Too intrusive
Not effective
Improperly configured

At BelowDay our goal for implementation, remediation and architecture is to always implement and use the right tools for the job. BelowDay has a team of extremely technical Security Engineers and Architects on staff to make sure the solutions recommended fit your organization’s needs from an end user perspective and is a solution that your current staff can manage. If you don’t have a staff or need augmentation, we can provide that as well.

The Below0Day team also provides governance, compliance, and risk  consulting that can help you build or mature your overall security program regarding policies, standards, awareness, training, and audit preparedness.

The team at BelowDay does security as a job, a hobby, and passion. Doing a great job is easy when it is something you enjoy.